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'Hi, I really do apologize for just now getting back to you. The next came the following October, then the February after that, until Josh replied on July 7, 2017. Twitter users responded with pleas of 'please get married! 'On Tuesday, Michelle told Good Morning America she let the joke carry on for so long out of stubbornness.'I’m stubborn and I wasn’t going to be the one to ruin a good joke like that.

But before jetting off to Hawaii, their chosen location, the pair appeared on Good Morning America to finally lay eyes on one another.Every few months, one replied to the other with a hilariously pathetic excuse for the time lapse.In January 2015, another two months after Michelle's response, Josh quipped: 'Sorry, was in the shower.' Later that year, Michelle waited until December to respond to Josh's May message.Aby korzystać z pełnych funkcji serwisu, musisz pozwolić na przeglądanie zawartości Flash w przeglądarce.Naciśnij "zębatkę", aby włączyć obsługę Flash dla swojej przeglądarki.

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  1. It might seem a bit cheesy to say you’re looking for someone you can watch rainstorms with, but it will tell women that you’re serious and unafraid.