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For a number of years she performed with a dance company called Syzokryli.Her early ambition was to be an ophthalmologist - as a child, she says, 'I thought I could tell everything about someone from one glance deep into their eyes' - and while her own vision was perfect, she prayed fervently to wear glasses: 'attention-seeking, I think'.And this was unforgettable.'Vera Farmiga has a soulful, Modigliani, Mittel-European countenance (she is Ukrainian by origin), which seems both to hint at some tantalising folk-memory of melancholy and sadness, and to suggest the promise of smouldering seduction - often at the same time.Herman describes how when Miramax suggested Farmiga for the role of Elsa he looked at every film she had made 'and she was never the same in any of them, and terrific in all of them'.She sat in on group-therapy sessions in a rehab centre, and for a week worked alongside Stralka as a domestic cleaner.'She made me pick all the pubic hair out of the soap.'There is a general rule of thumb in the film world that you live where the work is, which usually means Hollywood. And living where I do has always been a great vantage point for me.Even if at the end of it all I didn't get the role it would be fine because I'd already executed it in my own living-room.'It was one of these audition films that led to Scorsese inviting her for what she calls 'a chemistry read' with Leonardo Di Caprio, and her role in The Departed as a police psychiatrist who counsels good cop Di Caprio and bad cop Matt Damon, and ends up in bed with both.

This week, however, sees the release of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, an adaptation of the critically lauded novel by the Irish writer John Boyne.'With the program on a Mac you could really edit it in a very clever way, fade in and fade out, have intimacy with the mikes, the lighting, and have the luxury of takes - you could make yourself as ugly or as beautiful as you wanted.They always resulted in a meeting - a flight over to Los Angeles to meet the director.It enabled her finally to pay off her college tuition fees, and led to her marrying Sebastian Roché, a French actor who was also appearing in the series. She worked mostly in television, with the occasional, fleeting film role. I think I just wanted to work - television, film, it didn't matter.'She got her first (small) role in a big film in 2001 in 15 Minutes starring Robert De Niro, but the film that caught people's attention and won her awards was Down to the Bone, a studiedly down-beat story of a domestic cleaner struggling with drug addiction, written and directed by Debra Granik, and based on the life of a woman named Corinne Stralka.When I ask what she wanted from acting at this stage, she falls silent, shakes her head, then shudders.'Horrible memory…'What's a horrible memory? The role was typical of the way Farmiga likes to work.

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