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When a player suffers a laceration or wound in which bleeding occurs, the game is stopped and the player is forced to leave the court for treatment.

In cases where blood is found on the court or on the ball or a jersey, the game is stopped so the blood can be cleaned up.

And two -- rookies Brandon Armstrong and Richard Jefferson -- were but 11 years old then.

"I think the first month or two when Earvin came out -- just probably like every other athlete, thinking that it couldn't happen to them and then happens to the greatest player to play the game -- I think everybody at that time focused in on being a little bit more careful," Scott told ESPN. But the name stuck nonetheless when it was learned that several Cowboys players reportedly had shared the expenses of a large rental house in suburban Dallas for weekly trysts with women and to do drugs.

Because there was nothing to smile about when Magic delivered the most important message of his life on Nov.

Ask them about that day, 10 years ago today, and nothing.

Magic wants to move on with his life, but it's important that the issue not die down." The NBA -- as similarly does the NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball -- addresses the issue with its rookie players during its Rookie Transition Program.

Before they are taught the nuances of complicated offensive and defensive schemes by NBA teams, they are given advise for mapping out a game plan on how to live their lives off the court. And then people have to be responsible for the way in which they behave and conduct themselves," he said. "They brought this beautiful lady up there and she said 'I have HIV,' " Walker recalls of the symposium he attended five years ago.

The league does not require athletes to be tested for HIV.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson always had a way of making people feel good about themselves with his smile. 7, 1991, the day he told the world he was retiring from professional basketball because he had contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Seemingly could turn every day sunny and 75 degrees with that smile. It said so much without him having to say anything at all: Fame. He explained that he likely had done so because of his promiscuous lifestyle as a well-traveled, popular athlete.

But ask people today about Magic and they don't smile.

That the temptations that fell upon him because of his celebrity were too overwhelming to resist.

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"But now, watching a lot of the guys that come up in this league now, I think it's almost back to where it was 15, 20 years ago." Anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest likewise. In 1999, it was Eugene Robinson, then an Atlanta Falcons defensive back and a self-professed Christian, arrested for soliciting prostitution the night before the Falcons played the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII. It brought to light how human we are." But in a survey of several recent and current NBA players, coaches, and team and league officials by ESPN and, the subject of whether Magic's message is still being heard was not always an agreeable topic.

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