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Bra tops, bustiers, corsets, itsy-bitsy spandex tube tops and bottoms, micro mini skirts and clear stilettos are the norm. None of them offers alcohol, food or even light snacks. But the concept of sexy waitresses serving coffee definitely did not originate in Vietnam, says Natalie Nguyen, who started out as a waitress at Cafe Lu and bought the place six years ago. “They do have coffee houses and women in traditionalao daisserving coffee — but nothing like this.You can’t dress this sexy in Vietnam.” A thin cloud of cigarette and cigar smoke perpetually hangs over the heads of the mostly male clientele.Learn more about Neo Power How is it still acceptable for large battery phones to come without accelerated charging?The Z11 Max carries nubia's Quick Charge 3.0, which is 4 times faster than conventional battery charging.Note: Availability of this service requires support from local service providers.

” The Vietnamese cafes have created a niche for themselves and are doing well in a time when other coffee houses are struggling, said Orange County restaurant consultant Randall Hiatt, president of Fessel International in Costa Mesa. Annie Pham, a waitress at Cafe Lu, says she likes to shop for her work clothes at Fredericks of Hollywood.

Loud music — mostly Vietnamese or American pop — plays on the stereo.

The heads and eyes turn frequently between the large flat screen TVs on the wall playing the day’s sports and the tight, flat midriffs of the girls who walk by with their trays.

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Compatable with nearly all third-party applications. Watch the introduction video The Z11 Max is powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 652, 8 core 64 bit processor.

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