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So what was more nerve-wracking: remembering your lines or riding on top of the Dodge Challenger? It wasn’t even just the lines, because I knew the script inside out and backwards.

What made me really anxious was having the camera in my face.

As an actor it’s a little different; they ask me how much [stunt] work I am capable of doing on my own, and they put me through training if necessary. What have been the actual hazards of pursuing this career? First, I had to switch identities from being the athletic jock tomboy; people required me to be feminine and extremely vulnerable. The second was a matter of doing enough acting that I felt comfortable knowing what I was capable of doing.

With stunt work, I’m not going to be like, "I’m amazing and I know this and I’m great and that," but if you ask me to do something, I know if I can do it.

I ended up becoming friends with a couple of those guys who were stunt men.

Being a caricature of yourself is hard if you’ve never discovered yourself as a caricature before.ZOE BELL: I did gymnastics when I was younger and then when I got too tall for it, I took up martial arts.I’d watch the black belts train for inspiration and just fun., her strong working relationship with Quentin Tarantino, and how Tim Roth put a big smile on her face.How did you get your first start in the business as a stunt woman?

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“A huge amount of my becoming educated in the world of film has come from working with Quentin (Tarantino). I didn’t use to love being frightened…but I now love the art of frightening films.”Bell was a top gymnast as a child. “I think the big problem is that we still consider it to be a “female“ action film as opposed to just an action film.

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