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He is shown to be about 1-1.5 years old at the time of writing.He is unnaturally intelligent and crafty, and has devised several highly advanced machines, such as mind control devices, time machines, and once a teleportation device.The middle child (eldest child of Peter and Lois, since Peter is not Meg's biological father) of the Griffins, Chris is in many ways a younger version of Peter, obese and dimwitted.He is a good artist, and has extremely detailed knowledge about movies, TV shows, and actors.Its polarizing humor relies heavily on the particular traits of each character.The trio of Peter, Brian, and Stewie Griffin, in particular, has become exceptionally popular.He is often the voice of reason in contrast with Peter's mindless shenanigans.He is a liberal atheist, though he has been shown to lack integrity to either position; he once converted to conservatism after reading Rush Limbaugh's book and getting to know Limbaugh, and secretly prayed when he thought the world was about to end.

Later, when Brian tells Stewie that he keeps a gun in his locker so that he can end his life if the absence of a purpose for his life becomes too much to handle, Stewie convinces him that he needs Brian in his life to be happy, and that was purpose enough.He discovers he is mentally retarded in the episode 'Petarded'.He is obese, immature, and often behaves in a childish way. He is a heavy drinker, and plays the piano extremely well as long as he's drunk.Seth Mac Farlane uses his normal speaking voice when voicing Brian; he shares most of Mac Farlane's philosophical, social, and political views, and he has said that Brian is his favorite character.Without doubt the cutest villain in the history of television, Stewie Griffin is Peter and Lois's infant son.

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