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‘You have to play it safe,’ adding that it was better to cater to old prejudices because your duty as an advocate for your client was to be as personally unobjectionable as possible.

I spent the next five years struggling around in a pencil skirt with obligatory heels until in May 1995 the Lord Chief Justice clarified that trousers were, actually, fine for everyone.

It’s a profession built on an adversarial style of debate and, ironically, that was part of what attracted me to it.

As a dreamy 20-year-old, largely educated in girls’ schools, being a barrister epitomised so many qualities I lacked: worldliness, professionalism and the ability to tackle difficult men.

I was delighted to have been awarded a place as a ‘pupil’ (a novice barrister) at one of the best chambers in criminal law in London.

There were ten pupils – four of us women – and at the end of a year, the association of barristers that made up the chambers would take only one of us on, maybe two.

The clerk marked my promotion by giving me a brace of well-paid cases (though still, I noted, in the magistrates’ court).

‘Judges don’t like them.’ I was 23 and fresh out of Bar school – and wearing what I thought was a very smart trouser suit.

He would send male pupils off to high-profile hearings in the crown court – while female pupils were sent to far-flung magistrates’ courts to prosecute the poor and chaotic who had no TV licences. Even when my pupil mistress had a word with him, it made no difference.

When the time came for the big decision, I had no judge’s reference, while my male colleagues had three or four. In spite of this, the barristers chose me, trusting that I could cut it at crown court.

I longed to stride about comfortably like the men who, by comparison, dressed like peacocks in their cerise-lined suits, polka-dot braces and candy-stripe shirts.

Women, I observed, had to work extra hard to be taken seriously in a profession dominated by polished, pugnacious men.

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First, there is the meeting with your client in chambers a few weeks before the case – or on the morning of the trial if you get the case late.

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