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The Gifted star can be seen rolling around and squinting as he tries to fend off the excited animal.Meanwhile, a friend behind the camera can be heard laughing, as Chris splatters, while the dog continues to lick his face.Louis Comic Con, Atwell named the fellow actor she’d rather work with — and her reasoning. We have a lot of fun on the set, and do lots of pranks…But when I worked with Chris, it was Captain America: The First Avenger, and the early days for him as that character. Hayley Atwell is crushing on Chris Evans and somehow these two aren’t dating in real life? Back to business…and Agent Carter’s second season, which is changing locations, and will likely feature less Dominic Cooper (aka Howard Stark), as he’s gone off to be a Preacher.He was working out really hard, taking the job very seriously, real quite nervous about it. (Yes, we know Evans only just broke up with Lily Collins, but get over it man. “There has got to be elements of Howard there, but I’m not sure to what extent.Still love this boy." Atwell has recently been filming Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta, Georgia alongside Robert Downey, Jr. So now’s the perfect time to revisit their meet-cute and watch Atwell pull an adorable face, or two, while recounting it. Louis, Atwell revealed that her favorite scene with Chris Evans was—“Obviously! The 36-year-old Captain America actor had been away from his beloved pet pooch for 10 weeks while filming the upcoming movie The Red Sea Diving Resort in Africa.Clearly missing his dog, Chris began to count down the weeks and months until he was reunited with Dodger.

In a Twitter post on Friday (17Jul15), she shared a photo of herself and Jones kissing, with the caption, "Break-ups aren't always a bad thing. Namely, Chris Evans as Captain America has become one of the strongest linchpins in the massive Marvel cinematic universe, and Atwell’s Peggy Carter has become a force to be reckoned with in her own right. She then went on to relay the story of when she saw Evans with his “top off” for the first time and “impulsively just grabbed his boob.” The Internet thanks her for acting on that completely natural Hayley Atwell have a super playful relationship!In this funny You Tube video, Captain America's real-life alter ego times his attack perfectly as he gives Peggy Carter a good scare.The two play love interests on screen, but in reality they are at war—a war waged over twitter and one that doesn't look to end anytime soon.

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